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Safety signs play an essential role in many situations. Whether restricting access to a particular area, alerting employees to potential hazards, or providing road safety information, safety signage must meet specific standards in South Africa.

Sign Alliance manufactures a wide range of safety signage designed to meet South African Standards

Safety Categories

  • Regulatory - containing instructions. These are divided into smaller categories:
  • Prohibition – indicate an action or activity is not permitted – ‘can’t do’;
  • Mandatory – giving an instruction that ‘must’ be carried out;
  • Limitation or Restriction – sets a defined limit on an activity or use of a facility – commonly used for road safety signage such as speed limits.

Failing to comply with standards constitutes either an offence at law, or a breach of procedures or other directions – dependant on the kind of controls imposed at the work site or workplace.

  • Hazard - advising of risks. Like regulatory, they are also divided into the following:
  • Danger - warns of a particular hazard or hazardous condition that is likely to be life-threatening – situations or actions that could possibly ‘kill you’;
  • Warning - warns of a hazard or hazardous condition that is not likely to be life threatening, but could still ‘hurt you’.
  • Emergency information - indicates the location of, or directions to, emergency related facilities such as exits, safety equipment or first aid facilities – these are used to ‘inform you’.
  • Fire - advise the location of fire alarms and fire fighting facilities and equipment; this classification is also a means of an ‘inform you’ sign.

Custom Manufacture

Safety signs, including the full range of Road Signage, can be manufactured in leading edge reflective materials designed for all environmental conditions. Sign Alliance can also custom design to meet specifications.



  • Project Management
  • Maintenance
  • Design
  • Development
  • Site Survey
  • Installation

Professional project management is a core component of the service package Sign Alliance provides each client. Each of our clients is assigned an industry trained project manager for the duration of their signage program. This person acts as the single point of contact that oversees the implementation of their signage project from production, through to distribution, installation and after sales service ensuring the smooth progression of every project from brief to final installation.

Sign Alliance specialise in the preventative cleaning, maintenance, and where appropriate, repair of signage systems to maximise image appearance and signage life. With our national coverage, Sign Alliance has the logistical ability to economically deliver signage maintenance throughout South Africa.

Our signage company has a design department that maintains a state of the art design equipment policy to ensure industry leading design and documentation capacity. Under the supervision of the Engineering & Innovation Team, the design department prepares drawings and montages as required to support and explain tenders, quotes and budgets generated. The team also reviews and approves workshop drawings and technical details to ensure accuracy before they are released to manufacture.

Sign Alliance's Engineering & Innovation Team are the driving force behind our research and development process, making recommendations for best practice and commercial advantage, seeking new materials and processes for the business, as well as investigating new technologies and equipment.

Sign Alliance has a dedicated team of Field Managers responsible for the efficient and effective management of site surveys for new sites and the auditing of existing sites. Our field teams are responsible for obtaining high quality site information including power and service issues and access issues. They are responsible for taking photographic and dimensional surveys for quoting and estimating purposes and advise on best site approaches and work methods.

Sign Alliance have the ability to organise and assemble its own controlled resource base of installation labour for all types of business signage to meet the demands of any size signage rollout. We utilise a multi-skilled labour force with a range of specialised skills and where possible, coordinate installations in a logical sequence to eliminate duplicate travel to ensure cost effective installations can be achieved nationally.